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Operations Structure

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The following diagram outlines the operations structure of the NCMHEP:

The Coordinating Committee is composed of the Federal Partners Group; Issue-Specific Workgroups (composed of Coordinating Committee Members and Invited Workgroup Members); and Action Groups (Health Professional Education, Community and Health Communications, and Policy Makers and Payers)


Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is the core body of the NCMHEP. Itincludes approximately 30 health provider associations, nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies.

Federal Partners Group

The Federal Partners Group consists of federal agency members of the Coordinating Committee. This Group meets as a subcommittee during onsite Coordinating Committee meetings and focuses on inter-agency collaboration and harmonization of messages. 

Issue-Specific Workgroups

Issue-Specific Workgroups, consisting of Coordinating Committee members, address each of the priority issues identified by the Program. These groups investigate specific issues, review current and past research, develop or issue white papers, and craft key messages that can be incorporated into educational products to inform the field. Organizations with the strongest level of interest and expertise on a particular topic are invited to participate in a given Workgroup along with visiting Workgroup members who represent disease-specific organizations that are not members of the Coordinating Committee. Workgroups may also include scientific experts from the NICHD, other NIH Institutes, or outside organizations. Workgroups report their recommendations to the larger Coordinating Committee.

Action Groups

Action Groups develop strategies for reaching the Program's major target audiences, including (but not limited to) health care professionals, the general public, policy makers, and payers such as insurance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare. Organizations with special expertise in reaching these audiences are invited to participate in Action Groups. Action Groups report their recommendations to the larger Coordinating Committee.

Last Reviewed: 01/29/2013