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Pregnancy: Scientific Articles

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Featured Articles

The following featured articles include those from NICHD researchers or NICHD-supported researchers.

  • Anderson, B. L., Mendez-Figueroa, H., Dahlke, J. D., Raker, C., Hillier, S. L., & Cu-Uvin, S. (2013). Pregnancy-induced changes in immune protection of the genital tract: defining normal. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 208(4), 321.e1-9. PMID: 23313311
  • Gilbert, J. S., Banek, C. T., Babcock, S. A., & Dreyer, H. C. (2013). Diabetes in early pregnancy: getting to the heart of the matter. Diabetes, 62(1), 27-28. PMID: 23258908
  • Guo, Z., Shi, X. H., Feng, Y. L., Wang, B., Feng, L. P., Wang, S. P., et al. (2013). Risk factors of HBV intrauterine transmission among HBsAg-positive pregnant women. Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 20(5), 317-321. PMID: 23565613
  • Isoherranen, N., & Thummel, K. E. (2013). Drug metabolism and transport during pregnancy: how does drug disposition change during pregnancy and what are the mechanisms that cause such changes? Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 41(2), 256-262. PMID: 23328895
  • Moriarty Daley, A., Sadler, L. S., & Dawn Reynolds, H. (2013). Tailoring clinical services to address the unique needs of adolescents from the pregnancy test to parenthood. Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care, 43(4), 71-95. PMID: 23522339
  • Reese, B. M., Haydon, A. A., Herring, A. H., & Halpern, C. T. (2013). The association between sequences of sexual initiation and the likelihood of teenage pregnancy. Journal of Adolescent Health, 52(2), 228-233. PMID: 23332489
  • Waggoner, M. R. (2013). Motherhood preconceived: the emergence of the Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 38(2), 345-371. PMID: 23262764
  • Zhao, L., Bracken, M. B., & Dewan, A. T. (2013). Genome-Wide Association Study of Pre-Eclampsia Detects Novel Maternal Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Copy-Number Variants in Subsets of the Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) Study Cohort. Annals of Human Genetics. doi: 10.1111/ahg.12021. PMID: 23551011
  • Lum, K. J., Sundaram, R., & Buck Louis, G. M. (2011). Women's lifestyle behaviors while trying to become pregnant: Evidence supporting preconception guidance. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 205, 203.e1-203.e7. PMID: 21658667
  • Hedderson, M. M., Darbinian, J. A., Sridhar, S. B., & Quesenberry, C. P. (2012). Prepregnancy cardiometabolic and inflammatory risk factors and subsequent risk of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 207, 68.e1-9. PMID: 22727352
  • Buss, C., Entringer, S., Davis, E. P., Hobel, C. J., Swanson, J. M., Wadhwa, P. D., et al. (2012). Impaired executive function mediates the association between maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index and child ADHD symptoms. PLoS One, 7, e37758. PMID: 22719848
  • Kappen, C., Kruger, C., MacGowen, J., Salbaum, J. M. (2012). Maternal diet modulates placenta growth and gene expression in a mouse model of diabetic pregnancy. PLoS One, 7, e38445. PMID: 22701643
  • Parker, M., Rifas-Shiman, S. L., Oken, E., Belfort, M. B., Jaddoe, V. W., Gillman, M. W. (2012). Second trimester estimated fetal weight and fetal weight gain predict childhood obesity. Journal of Pediatrics, epub ahead of print. PMID: 22682615
  • Leung, A. M. (2012). Thyroid function in pregnancy. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 26, 137-140. PMID: 22658718
  • Schmidt, R. J., Tancredi, D. J., Ozonoff, S., Hansen, R. L., Hartiala, J., Allayee, H., et al. (2012). Maternal periconceptional folic acid intake and risk of autism spectrum disorders and developmental delay in the CHARGE (CHildhood Autism Risks from Genetics and Environment) case-control study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 96, 80-89. PMID: 22648721

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