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NICHD Research Perspectives Podcasts

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Dr. Guttmacher and other members of the NICHD community participating in the Research Perspectives podcast 

NICHD Research Perspectives is a monthly podcast series hosted by NICHD Director Alan E. Guttmacher. The series features informal interviews with NICHD researchers who go beyond the descriptions provided in the institute’s news releases. In the series, NICHD staffers take the time to discuss the implications of the research, what the findings may mean for patients and members of the public, as well as what direction future studies might take. Because the podcasts are recorded live they are sometimes subject to factors beyond our control. For example, in our inaugural NICHD Research Perspectives (May 2012), you can hear the lawnmower that was operating outside the window during our recording session. Our audio engineer was able to minimize the distraction, but, unfortunately, couldn’t eliminate it completely.

May 2014 NICHD Research Perspectives

In this podcast, Dr. Alan Guttmacher talks with Dr. Janine Clayton, Director of NIH’s Office of Research on Women’s Health, about advances in women’s health research and possible future directions.

Download May 2014 MP3 (MP3 - 13 MB)
Transcript: May 2014 NICHD Research Perspectives

December 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

This podcast focuses on youth violence. Guests discuss types of violence, environmental and biological risk factors, characteristics of effective interventions, and tips for parents and caregivers to help prevent or stop youth violence.

Download December 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 18 MB)
Transcript: December 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

October/November 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

This podcast highlights the importance of a safe sleep environment to reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other sleep-related causes of infant death. Guests discuss research activities, public education efforts, and advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics that every parent and infant caregiver should know.

Download October/November 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 16 MB)
Transcript: October/November 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

September 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

The September NICHD Research Perspectives featured a discussion on NIH grants for projects investigating genomic sequencing as a diagnostic tool to screen newborns for health disorders. On September 4, the NICHD and the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) awarded $5 million to fund studies on the potential for the new technology. The September podcast is an excerpt from the news conference in which officials at the NICHD and NHGRI described this new project.

Download September 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 8 MB)
Transcript: September 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

August 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

In this podcast, guest host Dr. Constantine Stratakis, Director of NICHD’s Division of Intramural Research, interviewed guests about adrenal gland disorders and research at the NIH Clinical Center. Guests identified some common adrenal disorders affecting children, highlighted the importance of screening, and discussed how patients with chronic conditions can manage their symptoms over the long term.

Download August 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 12 MB)
Transcript: August 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

July 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

Guests at the July 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives discussed findings from the recently released report America’s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-being, an annual compilation of federal statistics on health, safety, economic circumstances, and a number of other areas affecting children’s lives.

Download July 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 14 MB)
Transcript: July 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

June 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

In the June NICHD Research Perspective, guest host Dr. Roger Glass, Director of the Fogarty International Center, interviewed guests about the health problems posed by indoor air pollution, resulting from smoky cookstoves in developing world kitchens. Guests described the findings from a recent scientific conference on the topic and talked about how to go about providing healthier alternatives.

Download June 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 17 MB)
Transcript: June 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

May 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

In the May NICHD Research Perspectives, Dr. Michael Weinrich, Director of NICHD’s National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research interviewed NICHD program officials and grantees on reducing the risk for stroke, current stroke treatments, and research on how best to rehabilitate stroke patients.

Download May 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 13 MB)
Transcript: May 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

April 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

Guests at the April 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives discussed ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome,’ and it’s health effects, ways to recognize signs of impending child abuse, and how to prevent such abuse from occurring.

Download April 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 16 MB)
Transcript: April 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

March 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

The March 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives featured research from the NICHD’s Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology Branch, which supports numerous projects to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals used for infants, children, and pregnant women.

Download March 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 13 MB)
Transcript: March 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

February 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

The February 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives featured research from the NICHD’s Molecular Medicine Program, which focuses on understanding the role of trace minerals-- minerals needed in very small amounts-- on human health. February’s podcast guests were Dr. Tracey Rouault and Dr. Stephen Kaler who described their efforts to better understanding disorders of iron and copper metabolism.

Download February 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 10.5 MB)
Transcript: February 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

January 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

The January 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives featured adolescent health research undertaken by scientists in the institute’s Prevention Research Branch. Branch Chief Bruce Simons-Morton described his studies of teen driving behavior, Tonja Nansel spoke about her work on bullying and diabetes management among adolescents, and Ronald Iannotti outlined his ongoing investigations of behaviors associated with adolescent obesity.

Download January 2013 MP3 (MP3 - 33 MB)
Transcript: January 2013 NICHD Research Perspectives

December 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

The December podcast focused on the research of NICHD’s Laboratory of Comparative Ethology. Ethology is the study of human and animal behaviors and ethologists tend to study animals in their natural settings. Much of lab’s research is conducted at the NIH Animal Center located on a 509-acre expanse of farmland in rural Montgomery County, about 30 miles from the main NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Lab researchers study rhesus macaques and a few other non-human primates. An important component of the lab is an open-air enclosure that houses a free-ranging troop of rhesus macaques. The December guests were the lab chief, Stephen Suomi, Ph.D, whose research involves the interaction between genetics, environment and behavior, postdoctoral fellow Annika Paukner, whose studies involve rhesus monkeys and the role that imitation plays in social development and bonding, and Amanda Detmer Erard, the postdoctoral fellow who manages the open air enclosure.

Download December 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 19 MB)
Transcript: December 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

Accompanying the December podcast are two videos of the primates at the NIH Animal Care Facility.

The first shows footage of the free ranging rhesus macaque troop (Macaca mulatta) at a pond inside their five acre enclosure. This video shows the animals interacting with each other, on the shore of the pond, and in the water.

The second video shows research on a 2009 study which found that capuchin monkeys (Cebus apaella) preferred to interact with human beings who imitated them, rather than with human beings who did not.

November 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

The November 2012 NICHD Director’s podcast featured presenters from a recent NICHD Exchange program, “Sleep: the ABC’s of Zs.” The NICHD Exchange is a series of quarterly meetings in which NICHD administrators and scientists present relevant findings designed to spur thought provoking conversations to inform the NICHD research effort. For this month’s podcast, four guests discussed aspects of sleep research pertaining to the NICHD mission. Recapitulating their talks from the recent Exchange were: David Klein of the Division of Intramural Research, who described the genetic factors governing sleep, Caroline Signore of the Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch, who reviewed the literature on sleep and pregnancy, Lynne Haverkos, of the Child Development and Behavior Branch, who reviewed the research literature on how sleep influences child and adolescent development, and Paul Albert, of the Division of Epidemiology, Statistics, and Prevention Research: who described the statistical methods used to inform an ongoing NICHD study involving adolescent sleep patterns and other aspects of adolescent health.

Download November 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 21 MB)
Transcript: November 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

October 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

The October 2012 podcast features discussions of a study on a treatment to reduce the risk of preterm birth and the new Safe to Sleep campaign.

Download October 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 24 MB)
Transcript: October 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

September 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

In the September 2012 podcast, NICHD researchers discussed how a gene found in a rare cancer increases red blood cell production, the involvement of “dark matter” DNA in the body’s response to day and night cycles, and on cesarean delivery versus labor for preterm infants.

Download September 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 12.8 MB)
Transcript: September 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

August 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

The August 2012 podcast featured research on how the stresses of poverty may affect learning in young children, the effects of fetal alcohol exposure, and how the ability to estimate quantities changes across the lifespan.

Download August 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 22 MB)
Transcript: August 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

July 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

The July podcast featured research sponsored by the NICHD’s Pediatric, Adolescent and Maternal AIDS Branch: reducing the occurrence of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, the safety of one of the new anti HIV drugs, tenofovir, during pregnancy, and the risk of bone loss among young men newly diagnosed with HIV.

Download July 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 11.2 MB)
Transcript: July 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

June 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

Researcher discuss a therapy to treat oxygen deprivation at birth with whole body cooling, report on how a therapy to treat infertility associated with polycystic ovary syndrome appears not to work as well as it was thought to, and a study showing how an intervention to engage the attention of young children with autism results in increased language development.

Download June 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 14.6 MB)
Transcript: June 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

May 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

Researchers discuss the cognitive advantages of bilingualism, why American women take longer in labor now than women did 50 years ago, and a discovery that viewing images of infant faces evokes specific patterns of brain activity in adults.

Download May 2012 MP3 (MP3 - 13.5 MB)
Transcript: May 2012 NICHD Research Perspectives

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