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The Effects of Electronic Media on the Cognitive, Social, & Emotional Development of Children & Adolescents

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May 15-16, 2006

Participant and Panelist List (alphabetical by last name)

Federal Representatives

  • Chris Bachrach, Demographic and Behavioral Sciences (DBS) Branch/NICHD/NIH
  • Jill Center, Public Information and Communications Branch, Office of Science Policy, Analysis and Communication, Office of the Director/NICHD/NIH
  • Lisa Freund, Child Development and Behavior (CDB) Branch/NICHD/NIH
  • Lynne Haverkos, CDB Branch/NICHD/NIH
  • Michele Hindi-Alexander, Division of Scientific Review (DSR)/NICHD/NIH
  • Carrie Heitzler, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Marita Hopmann, DSR/NICHD/NIH
  • Carmela Lomonaco, NICHD/NIH
  • Yvonne Maddox, Deputy Director, NICHD/NIH
  • Valerie Maholmes, CDB Branch/NICHD/NIH
  • Peggy McCardle, CDB Branch/NICHD/NIH
  • Susan Newcomer, DBS Branch/NICHD/NIH


  • Mary Ann McCabe, Society for Research in Child Development
  • Robert Kasten, TV-Turnoff Network
  • Hope Cummings, University of Texas at Austin
  • Xuan Huang, University of Texas at Austin
  • Alexis Laurrella, Georgetown University
  • Sook-Jun Lee, University of Austin
  • Darcy Thompson, University of Washington
  • Yang Wang, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Elizabeth Zack, Georgetown University
  • Fred Zimmerman, University of Washington


  • Daniel Anderson, University of Massachusetts
  • Rachel Barr, Georgetown University
  • David Bickham, Children’s Hospital Boston
  • Sandra L. Calvert, Georgetown University
  • Joanne Cantor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dimitri Christakis, University of Washington
  • Sandra Hofferth, University of Maryland
  • Amy Jordan, University of Pennsylvania
  • Susan McHale, Pennsylvania State University
  • Michael Rich, Children's Hospital Boston
  • Vicky Rideout, Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Jeremy Roschelle, SRI International
  • Dorothy Singer, Yale University
  • Rosemarie Truglio, Sesame Workshop
  • Ellen Wartella, University of California Riverside

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